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Diagnostic Services


In veterinary medicine, the old adage of, "Diagnose Before You Treat" is especially true due to our patients' inability to speak.  Appropriate diagnostic considerations will help us give the best therapeutic plan and guide our prognosis, while avoiding treatment that may be ineffective, harmful and/or add to the expense.  Diagnostic services include:

  • Clinical diagnosis are based on thorough history and complete patient examinations. Our doctors and staff are well trained and experienced in finding problem sources.  This is the most important step in reaching a diagnosis.  You can access on this website forms under Online Forms to solicit detailed historical components to your pet's illness and health.  Downloading and preparing these in advance can help produce a detailed history in the convenience of your home.
  • Laboratory services provided are full service and state of the art. In clinic assays are done in blood, urine and cellular samples and can be frequently reported and acted upon immediately.  A full range of reference laboratory services are available for routine and specialty testing.  We utilize many outside laboratories, selecting top-ranked labs to capitalize on their specialists.  These services allow us to confirm and pinpoint your pets' medical problems and track their progress.
  • Diagnostic imaging like radiology and ultrasonography are offered on site to expediate your pets' diagnosis.  Excellent diagnostic images are created by well-trained personnel with advanced equipment.  We have these, as well as the technology to tap into nationally recognized specialists for telemedicine consultation.  We also offer rigid endoscopy to visualize and collect samples with minimal invasion.