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Exotic Animal Healthcare


"Exotic animal" medicine is so described because traditional veterinary education focuses primarily on dogs, cats and livestock.  We have earned a national reputation for taking care of all the other critters that need help.  This specialty part of our practice is achieved through countless hours of outside professional education and extensive practice experience and research.  Up to 40% of our patients are "non-traditional" species, giving additional credance to the title All Creatures Great and Small

Our commitment to providing exotics excellent healthcare, irregardless of their status on the food or economic chain, is one reason we get professional referrals for these species from across the city, and indeed from around the state, including from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine.  The credibility of our reputation is further enhanced by having had two recipients of the prestigious Texas Veterinary Medical Association's Non-Tradional Species (Exotic) Practitioner of the Year Award (Dr. Harry A. Miller III, DVM and Dr. Richard Lusk, MS, DVM).