Westgate Pet & Bird Hospital

4534 Westgate Blvd #100
Austin, TX 78745



Therapeutic Services  
Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, personnel, knowledge and equipment we bring the latest in animal healthcare to your pet.  This includes consultations with and referrals to specialists as needed for your pet's best interest. 
  • Surgery and Anesthesia - We follow the stringent guidelines  set forth by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) in guiding our anesthetic and surgical services.  From elective, routine surgery to complicated orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, we maintain a high level of vigilence in providing safe, effective and sterile surgical procedures.  This includes utilizing highly trained personnel, state of the art instruments, anesthetic drugs, monitoring equipment, and scientifically validated techniques.
  • Hospital Services - We provide more than just a place to stay for your ill or recovering pet.  The clinic is organized into zones, allowing us to staff our most experienced ICU nurses to keep monitoring and treating the hospital cases.  A doctor is also always assigned to inpatient duty so these cases get excellent attention and care without distractions from out-patient clinical duties.  Advanced care is further provided by state of the art equipment such as oxygen delivery systems, heated cages, fluid pumps, IV fluid warmers and monitoring equipment.  Intensive care hospital cases may need overnight monitoring and treatment.  We feel these cases are best served by referral to the local overnight emergency center who has doctors and nurses staffed to take care of the critical patient after hours.
  • Pharmacy Services - Westgate Pet & Bird Hospital maintains a fully stocked pharmacy for your pets' medical needs.  Inventory ranges from specialized emergency injectables to general shampoos, with almost everything else a pet needs in between.  Our investment in this inventory keeps it readily available for your shopping convenience and for emergency situations.  You can request refills for your pets' prescriptions from this site by going to Online Forms.
  • Nutritional Services - Having and maintaining health/wellness depends heavily upon good nutrition.  That is why we are very proactive in nutritional support of the hospitalized patient, including use of partial parenteral and enteral nutrition, force feeding and appetite stimulation as needed.  We also believe strongly that nutrition is beneficial in health and disease management.  To that end, we stock a large selection of maintenance and specialty diets for wellness and specific disease conditions.  We can also special order many diets that we do not routinely stock, and our pricing is the same as the pet super stores.
  • Grooming Services - We offer on-site grooming services for all of our clients.  If you haven't met Laura Laird, our experienced and compassionate groomer, give us a call.  A wide range of services are available including, bathing, brushing, dipping, hair cutting, nail clipping and many more.
  • Boarding Facilities / Services - We also have clean and spacious dog runs for those clients needing a place to stay overnight, for the weekend or even weeks at a time.  Boarders are fed a highly nutritious diet while at our facility and are walked by the staff twice a day (not to mention plenty of hugs and attention throughout the day!).