Diagnostic Services

Since our patients are unable to tell us, in words, what is ailing them, the diagnostic elements of veterinary medicine are vital! Appropriate diagnostic considerations help us reach a prognosis and develop the best therapeutic plan, while avoiding treatment that may be ineffective, harmful and/or add to the expense.

The Road To A Diagnosis

One of the first steps to finding out what is wrong with a patient is to come up with one or more Clinical Diagnosis. The doctors rely upon the history obtained from a patient’s caregiver, information gleaned from previous medical records and their findings during a complete physical exam to come up with a list of possible diseases to explain symptoms and behavior. With this Clinical Diagnosis in mind, they can then recommend laboratory testing and/or diagnostic imaging to narrow the scope of focus towards treatment or further diagnostic recommendations.

Laboratory services provided at Westgate Pet & Bird Hospital are full service and state of the art. In house test results on blood, urine and cellular samples can be reported quickly and acted upon immediately. We have many outside reference labs at our disposal as well, for routine and specialty testing. We’ve definitely done our homework, selecting top-ranked labs to capitalize on their expertise.

Diagnostic imaging like radiology and ultrasonography are offered on site to expedite your pets’ diagnosis. Precise diagnostic images are created by well-trained personnel with advanced equipment and skill. Diagnostic imaging can also be electronically shared with imaging specialists when additional insight is needed.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of disease inside the body. Once a diagnosis has been reached, our veterinarians will develop a treatment plan and explain the benefits and risks associated with various treatment options. When you’ve reviewed the options and had your questions answered by the doctor, you can choose the approach that best meets your expectations and your companion pet’s needs.

Some of the more common internal medicine diseases we diagnose and treat are:

  • Canine: Neoplasia, congestive heart failure, Cushing’s syndrome, diabetes, kidney failure/disease, immune mediated anemia, seizure disorder/epilepsy, gastroenteritis, GI foreign bodies, pancreatitis, Addison’s disease.
  • Feline: Kidney failure/hypertension, neoplasia, diabetes, asthma, congestive heart failure, inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis.
  • Avian: Gastroenteritis, respiratory infections, heavy metal toxicity, Borna virus/neuropathy.
  • Reptiles: Systemic infections, parasites, metabolic bone disease.
  • Ferrets: Insulinoma, adrenal tumors, neoplasia, gastroenteritis.
  • Rabbits: Torticolllis, E. cuniculi, pasteurella, liver lobe torsion, neoplasia, upper GI stasis, urinary sludge/stones/infections.
  • Guinea Pigs: GI stasis, ovarian cyst, neoplasia, urinary stones/infections.
  • Rats: Respiratory infections, neoplasia.

Internal medical equipment and tools provided at Westgate Pet & Bird Hospital:

  • EKG, blood pressure measurement, pulse oximetry.
  • Rigid endoscopy and biopsy tools.
  • Various sized urologic catheters for urinary emergencies across a broad range of species.
  • State of the art on site laboratory equipment.
  • Access to the finest veterinary referral laboratories in the country.
  • On site ultrasound machine for rapid cavity and large organ evaluation.
  • Access to on-call ultrasound services.
  • Professional relationships with local internal medicine specialists when their facility and services would better service your pet.
  • In house digital radiology suite

In-House Laboratory

Keeping up with state-of-the art technology can make a real difference in diagnosing your pets medical condition and needs. We have a full, modern Idexx lab suite including Catalyst One, Pro-Cyt Dx, SediVue Dx and Vet-stat analyzers. We also have on-site Abaxis Vetscans which allow for better diagnostic testing of very small animals (great for tiny exotics). In house coagulation analyzers save time and possibly lives when it comes to snake bites and rodenticide poisoning cases.

For more information about our laboratory and the diagnostic services we provide, please contact us at (512) 892-4463(512) 892-4463 today!

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