Quality Care by Caring People!

Westgate Pet & Bird Hospital has always been committed to the highest quality health care for our patients and clients.

Family Owned and Locally Operated since 1986 – Westgate Pet & Bird Hospital has never operated as part of a large chain of stores with centralized management. Ownership and management has always been provided on site, by practicing veterinarians and caring team members.

A Tradition of Excellence and Experience – Westgate Pet & Bird Hospital has a strong reputation in the veterinary profession and has received numerous accolades. Our commitment to the highest standards of the veterinary profession is reflected by our certified membership, since 1987, with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). In addition, our entire team has a world of experience under its belt. Our veterinarians alone are proud to have a combined 55+ years of practicing high quality and diverse veterinary medicine.

A Collaborative Approach to Patient Care and Client Service – Our experienced team has a shared passion for patient care and client service. We believe this team approach, along with respect, integrity and commitment to self-improvement, result in excellent care and service for pets and their families.

Commitment to Outstanding Care for Traditional and Exotic Pets – At Westgate Pet & Bird we may see as many as 20 different species a week! This is a lot of variety that, in turn, demands a broader range of expertise than commonly seen in typical small animal practices. One advantage of such a diverse patient base is that we must utilize comparative medical practices and keep continually updating diagnostic and treatment concepts for all species.

Commitment to Value – Our entire team is committed to providing personal attention to the concerns of the pet owner while utilizing the latest advantages that technology has to offer for patient care to provide the best value. We do believe that effective care is most important, so we will recommend the best diagnostic and treatment plan for your pet to achieve optimum results. We can then discuss payment options to best meet your financial needs.

  • “I have taken my cat to Westgate Pet and Bird for years; I cannot thank them enough for the consideration and quality care each of the staff has given us. I would not consider visiting any other animal hospital!”

    –Jan L.

  • “We chose Westgate because we needed an experienced vet for hedgehogs and an initial checkup. They warned he might have to be sedated for the exam, but Dr. Brandt managed to do it without that, which I really appreciated. They also said such nice caring things about our hedgehog at pickup and dropoff and loaded us up with good information for a new pet owner.”

    –Leah S.

  • “Westgate Pet & Bird has always been so great for me and my chihuahua. The staff are always happy to answer questions and make sure I understand what all is going on. For instance, unlike other vets, this office actually shows me the x-rays taken of my dog, which I really appreciate. And, of course, they always treat my pet well and usually remember him whenever he visits! They are also great and timely with reminding me about annual appointments and vaccines due. I highly recommend Westgate Pet & Bird to anyone who loves their pet!! Out of all the vets I've been to for my dog (at least 5 total), this place is hands-down the best vet my dog and I have ever had.”

    –Kristen S.

  • “Everyone did a great job with my girlfriends dog Mars. He doesn't do well around strangers or men as a rule. The young lady that came out to get him took time to earn a little trust before she took him in. He went happily after he got to know her a little. He was not stressed at all. Most of the time he is stressed and agitated going to a vet. This time he was calm. The doctor took the time to go over things with my girlfriend and answer all her Questions. It is the first time she has ever felt at ease with taking her pup to the vet. This is truly a great place for animals!”

    –John M.

  • “Westgate Pet and Bird has provided excellent care for our various pets for the past 20 years. Would go to no other veterinary clinic for services. Doctors Brandt, Lusk and Doll are exceptional Vets and take care to explain a procedure or a diagnosis in terms a lay person can understand. The office staff are super as well. We have the utmost confidence in WGP&B and look forward to many more years of care.”